Cleanse Your Locs Guide

The “Cleanse Your Locs Reference Guide” is an e-Book that examines the necessity of deep cleansing locs and features over 10 of the most effective cleansers for locs— including clarifying, detoxifying, and moisturizing shampoos. Included in the e-Book are also step-by-step instructions for properly cleansing locs at every stage of the locking process. 
What You’ll Learn: 
✓ The proper technique & supplies necessary for shampooing locs started with coils, twists, braids, and interlocking. 
✓ The tools required to stimulate hair growth and increase moisture retention after shampooing.
✓ The best shampoos for treating excessive dandruff and other scalp conditions.
✓ The appropriate cleansers to use at each stage of the locking process based on your hair texture.  

$4.99 USD


Would you like to unlearn generations of unhealthy hair care habits?

Do you need help creating a personalized hair care regimen for your locs that will keep them hydrated?  

Enroll in the Moisture Matters workshop (regularly $127) and get ready to feel the locs of your dreams!

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